March 16th, 2007

Naruto – GOOD NEWS!

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Some good news about Naruto actually!

As promised, I asked about AonE doing the Naruto movies. As of right now, chances are looking *very* good that we’ll be subbing them. (No guarantees of course, but we’ll try our hardest!) The situation *could* change if something drastic happened to the key staff on the Naruto project…

Nothing has changed on our position with the second season. Too bad~

March 15th, 2007


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And here we are, still churning out releases. This one here is Black Blood Brothers episode 6.

Also, in light of some comments of that sad news post that you can read further down:
We thank you guys for all those comments about being sad that we’re done with subbing Naruto. Too bad we’re not going to continue…Anyways, there was also some concern about DDD. You know, if you really wanna help us out, we could use some new blood, so if you think you can join the fansub team, join the IRC channel and message an op.
As for the other Naruto movies, I have no information at this time, but I’ll look into it for you guys.

March 8th, 2007

group news

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Conan-kun from AnimeOne asked me to post this. Consider it the official group stance.

Dear AonE fans,

After fansubbing Naruto for over 4 years, we regret to inform everyone that we will not be continuing with the series past season one (episode 220). This is for a variety of reasons but the main being that subbing the show is just no longer fun for a lot of the staff members. The show is also a tremendous use of resources for AonE which is hurting our other shows. Naruto Shippuden is not the only show that we are “dropping”, we will also not be continuing with the Gundam SEED Destiny Special Editions. We will however be subbing the Stargazer OVAs. We ARE still subbing Daa! Daa! Daa!, so do not fear DDD fans.

By making these sacrifices, we can better concentrate on our current shows as well as possibly a new one that we are interested in. We will be doing everything possible to catch up on our backload and finish some old shows (BBB, SnS III, etc) before the next season begins.

These decisions have not come easy. There have been many heated discussions behind the scenes. We are facing an evolving fansubbing world, and unless we consolidate our resources we will be unable to keep up.

We are still recruiting for staff members, particularly Translators, QC, and TSers. Please see us on IRC in #aone-recruit (on and private message an op.

Regardless of the show, AonE will continue to provide high quality fansubs for everyone to enjoy. Thank you for all your support!

AonE Staff


January 8th, 2007

Late New Year

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Wow, this post is very late…Belated Happy New Year to all you anime fans~

Anyways, we already made some releases for the new year, so here they are:
Daa! Daa! Daa! 59
Yume Tsukai 6 (/w Ayu)

Since this post is a little late, I won’t bother to link to the torrents.

Here’s to another year with AonE!

December 25th, 2006

Merry Christmas!

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Here’s to a happy Christmas from AonE! (A little late…)

Anyways, I’m really hoping for some releases, but I have no clue if AonE has any…Here’s to wishing!

Plenty of releases out there though! Maybe not all the anime you want, but there’s tons of manga! Just look at the release list on Baka-Updates.


AonE staff

December 8th, 2006

Captcha, comment guidelines

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Akismet’s missing more and more actual spam (letting it get to the moderation queue, or occasionally actually get posted), so I’ve decided it’d be a good time to drop in a captcha plugin for some comment protection.

Some of the images it generates are a little rough to decipher, but that’s what the ability to generate new ones is for. They’re case-sensitive, and all letters are uppercase. Sorry for any inconvenience this causes.

Further, while everyone appreciates the fandom, please stop hounding the fansubbers for info on upcoming releases. They honestly don’t know when the next episode of Daa Daa Daa or the next AonE release of Naruto is going to happen, and constantly being pestered about it isn’t going to make it happen any faster.

We now return you to your regularly scheduled … umm, whatever you normally do now :p

November 16th, 2006

Yikes …

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[16:10] <DO> I sneezed so hard that server fell

Yeah, that’s it. It’s DO’s fault, blame him. Dang IRC admin …

(not really)

Ok, so here’s the real story. Wilik IM’s me a couple nights ago, saying

Can you do me a huge favor and see why up2date is broken? I need to install some stuff via up2date but it doesnt work because its all fucked up, it looks like the /usr/lib/python2.2/site_packages/OpenSSL/[c] files are fucked up and cant be read

Well, I knew that wasn’t a good sign, ’cause I hadn’t touched it in a couple days, and it had been working before. So, I went and took a look, and got a front-row seat as the system locked up. Some trouble-ticket pingpong later, well …

Long story short, remember how a couple months ago (back in June, apparently) we thought the disk was on the way out? Well, it turns out, we were right :-p. The disk ate it, hard. But, because of some good backups, and a little bit of luck on our part (most files are still readable), we should be able to recover up pretty well. And we get an updated version of RHEL out of the deal! It’s nice finally being in a 2.6 kernel on this machine. Almost, but not quite, worth the runarounds and headaches and fuckups dealing with our provider and all that.

Anyway, we’re working to restore functionality. The forums should be back up and running tonight (minus 2 days worth of posts, my latest db backups were Sunday morning), irc is back up, and the tracker should be back up pretty soon (as soon as I resolve some linking issues). Everything else that was here … well, it’s on the way.

October 11th, 2006


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A bit of site news: I’ve done some wordpress tweaking, which means that the few of you that were posting comments logged in as forum users are probably no longer going to be able to do so.

This is mostly because the necessary mods to keep that working cleanly were pretty much unmaintainable, and we’re getting sick of running outdated software :).

I’ve made a couple changes to how things work, so if you notice any strange breakages in this section of the site (ie: anything off of ), please let me know via comments here or a PM on the forums so I can fix them.

Further, I’ve changed the permalink structure as wordpress understands it, to use mod_rewrite. If you’re linking to posts, they should still work the old way, so I don’t expect that that broke anything for anyone. However, if you were linking to the RSS feeds via wp_rss.php, wp_rss2.php, wp_atom.php or wp_rdf.php you should update to using the more correct /feed (for rss2), /feed/atom, /feed/rss, or /feed/rdf for your preferred syndication flavor.

June 23rd, 2006

Server issues

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Well, the site’s back up. We had some somewhat unplanned downtime due to apache generating particularly huge (>50) system load.

Turns out we … well … still don’t know what the problem is, and it’s still there. I still think the disk is probably dying, but theplanet’s support staff insists that it’s fine, so we’re sort of stuck with it as it is.

We continue to look into other possible causes for the sudden and unusually high load, so the server may be intermittently unavailable. Please bear with our slow page load times as we try to track down this issue.

Update: see comment stream… apparently it’s actually the result of two pieces of spaghetti-code colliding :p

March 21st, 2006

New gallery is up!

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We just finished installing the new gallery and it’s much much better than the old one… sadly, you’ll have to start your galleries from scratch. this time we had to go with a commercial package since the free ones don’t meet our needs, but we think you’ll agree that this is a much better all around solution.

Here’s the link to the new gallery: Link

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