March 28th, 2006

GotWoot Featured VoiceActress!

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yeah that’s right, gotta show love for the ladies as well!

There are lots of incredible Voice Actresses out there, and this month I’m honored to present one of the best there is:

Romi Paku.jpg

Romi Paku!

Seriously though, this chick is high quality. And she’s been getting her due by landing alot of big roles in recent animes. She sounds like she looks, one tough cookie. She’s very seldom cast in a ‘girly’ sounding role, and in fact, most of her recognizable roles have been young male characters!

Feast your eyes on some of these:


March 8th, 2006

Where have I heard that voice before? (GotVA?)

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Hello all! Welcome to GotWoot’s first monthly (or perhaps weekly? Don’t know if I have that much free time… anyway…) GotWoot’s First Edition of :

“Who the f** voices that character?” Or “Where have I heard that voice before?”
A.k.a. GotWoot’s Featured Voice Actor (VA)


February 25th, 2006

Gundam SEED Stargazer?

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–A sales solicitation for the upcoming Japanese Gundam Seed Destiny Special Edition DVD release includes the following statement, “The Seed boom heats up! OVA Mobile Suit Gundam Seed C.E. 73 Stargazer (tentative title)’ currently being planned!.” No further details about the OVA have been released.–

Source: Gunota (bout half way down the page)

God save the Queen!

That’s right folks. Sounds like that wacky Fukuda is going to be at it again (with his crazy, talent-lacking wife in tow…) Since Gundam is basically a cash cow, I’m not surprised they’re milking the Seed series for all its worth. And for all you who say ‘it’s probably just another rumor’ I trust Gunota, and they say its been confirmed by Aishen Mail Order that the advertisement is actually going to be on the SEED Destiny Special Edition.

Bandai’s official website for the SEED Destiny Special Edition is here, but I can’t read Japanese….

What surprises me about this OVA (that’s right, OVA, not series) is that it’s said to be set in C.E. 73, the same year as Destiny was. So I’m thinking it might be like Astray, a sorta side-story to the events of Destiny. But what really baffles me is that ‘Break the World’ and the beginning of the war in SEED Destiny is set ‘in late C.E. 73’. Does this mean that Stargazer is going to be a prequel? I have no clue, I’m only relating what I’ve read.

Oh, yeah, who the hell am I? Name’s masamuneehs. You’ll be seeing more of me than you’ll probably want to in the future. I’ll be helping out on the site and hopefully implementing some fun new features, along with the help of other GotWoot staff. I’m an American, but I’m studying in Italy for a semester and am in the springtime of my life. I tend to be a little long-winded (as you probably already gathered) but that’s just how it is.

I’m sure you all want to go post comments on this news, so have at it you beasts.

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