October 1st, 2008

Recruitment Drive

Posted by crumja in Site News


AnimeONE is always looking to bolster its ranks with new recruits. Our regular channel on Rizon, #aone-recruit, is easy to miss for most people who get their updates through the web. Therefore, we’re announcing here certain positions that we’re recruiting for the fall.

We’re primarily looking for translators and raw cappers. If you have a good knowledge of Japanese, as in being able to get a correct raw rendition of what is said, consider joining us. If you have access to .TS files for shows airing in Japan, we’re interested in you as well.

We are also looking to hire typesetters (TS) and quality checkers (QC). TS must be able to process effects in ASS and AFX. QCs have no specific qualification requirements, but you need to take a test before joining. If you think you are exceptionally talented in any other particular area, feel free to contact one of the ops in #aone-recruits.

What are the benefits of joining us? Well, I think we’re the oldest subbing group that’s still active; that’s easily seen in the amount of accumulated knowledge (and collective subbing years) in the staff channel. We’ve developed a reputation as a quality group that stresses timely releases without compromising quality. The techniques we use to maintain the quality include: a thorough review of the episode prior to release, close-knit teams that have good chemistry, and peer support for difficult parts of the job.

Aside from that, being part of the group means that you’ll be able to influence which show we subtitle. Also, unlike many other groups today, we won’t force you to stay up late at some ungodly hour just to meet a strict release deadline.

More than that though, the people here are among the friendliest and most welcoming of any group. Many people I’ve talked to have said that they joined AnimeONE because of the community. It truly is a great place to socialize and make lifelong friends. We’d like to invite you to be part of that community.

See you at #aone-recruit@irc.rizon.net

– crumja

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