February 13th, 2008


Posted by lambchopsil in releases

Hmm, forgot to make a news post last time…Well, a few days ago, episode 16 of Galaxy Railways II was released, and now today, we have episode 17. Thanks go to our friends at Froth-Bite!

Episode 16
Episode 17

February 11th, 2008

miscellaneous server issues

Posted by complich8 in Site News

About a month ago we migrated to a new server to deal with a couple of capacity problems, and since the migration we’ve been undergoing some intermittent issues — some related to the move, and others not directly so.

I’ve been working on dealing with them as they come up. But in the next couple days, if you see site downtime or tracker issues, it’s probably related to that…

As part of the resolution of an outstanding issue, I’ve had to do a bit of a tracker reset, and re-add various torrents. I have no way of assuring that I got them all, though, so if you are getting “not allowed” type errors on any given torrent, please let me know.

February 8th, 2008

Tsubasa OVA 2

Posted by lambchopsil in releases

We haven’t been releasing much lately, but now we finally have something for your viewing pleasure! It’s Tsubasa Chronicle OVA ep 2! I for one know this will be a good watch after seeing the first part! Better quality version to come later

Edit: MKV version right here!