April 25th, 2007


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Here’s another release of the Spring series that we are subbing, El Cazador. Grab episode 3 here.

April 22nd, 2007

Another Completed!

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We are finally done with Yume Tsukai! The 12 episode joint with Ayu lasted for almost a year, but it lasted until the end. You can catch the conclusion of this series here.

I wonder what’s the next series we complete…

Edit: There’s a new torrent for a full series batch. It can be found here.

April 16th, 2007

It’s not over yet

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Wowowow. No way, right? For some reason, we have another release for you. Don’t ask me what it is, just click on the link. Just kidding. It’s Yume Tsukai 11!

April 15th, 2007

You didn’t do what I think you did, did you?

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Ah HA! Another release! El Cazador 02. Link.

April 15th, 2007

Galaxy Railroads II #8

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Hmm, yet another release of this series. The team sure is churning out the stuff. Here’s the 8th episode of GRII. And also thanks to the Froth-Bite team who helped make this release possible!

April 13th, 2007

Galaxy Railroads II 007

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Another release! Here’s episode 007 for GRII. Dont forget that it’s a joint project with Froth-Bite!

Also, I apologize for linking the wrong torrent for our El Cazador release. Thanks for all of you that alerted me to the problem.

April 12th, 2007

Kill 2 Birds with 1 Stone

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We have TWO releases today! One would be Black Blood Brothers episode 9. We’re getting close to finishing up the series. The second release is from a new series called El Cazador de la Bruja (or just El Cazador). From the stuff I’ve heard about it, it’s looking to be very good. Grab some additional info here. And of course, the torrent for the first episode of this new series is here.

(edited for link fixing!)

April 8th, 2007

Goddess Returns 2

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Another release that you have all been waiting for! This is the 2nd special of AMG 2nd season (ep24). With this, we are done with the second season. Grab the torrent here and go ahead and post comments~