November 16th, 2006

Yikes …

Posted by complich8 in Site News

[16:10] <DO> I sneezed so hard that server fell

Yeah, that’s it. It’s DO’s fault, blame him. Dang IRC admin …

(not really)

Ok, so here’s the real story. Wilik IM’s me a couple nights ago, saying

Can you do me a huge favor and see why up2date is broken? I need to install some stuff via up2date but it doesnt work because its all fucked up, it looks like the /usr/lib/python2.2/site_packages/OpenSSL/[c] files are fucked up and cant be read

Well, I knew that wasn’t a good sign, ’cause I hadn’t touched it in a couple days, and it had been working before. So, I went and took a look, and got a front-row seat as the system locked up. Some trouble-ticket pingpong later, well …

Long story short, remember how a couple months ago (back in June, apparently) we thought the disk was on the way out? Well, it turns out, we were right :-p. The disk ate it, hard. But, because of some good backups, and a little bit of luck on our part (most files are still readable), we should be able to recover up pretty well. And we get an updated version of RHEL out of the deal! It’s nice finally being in a 2.6 kernel on this machine. Almost, but not quite, worth the runarounds and headaches and fuckups dealing with our provider and all that.

Anyway, we’re working to restore functionality. The forums should be back up and running tonight (minus 2 days worth of posts, my latest db backups were Sunday morning), irc is back up, and the tracker should be back up pretty soon (as soon as I resolve some linking issues). Everything else that was here … well, it’s on the way.