April 30th, 2006

GotVA? (SEED Mode!)

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Yo! Where the hell is the April GotVA article?!!1 At-yelling

sweet, i'm a sword Hey now, there’s no need to shout at me. And you’re in it. (And I’m a sword, awesome!)

I’m… in it? (hey why am i all grainy all of a sudden?)Surprised

sweet, i'm a sword Yes, you are in it. Rather you are it… well your VA is.

… Oh… I guess I am… Kickass! So who am I in real life? Surprised

sweet, i'm a sword I was getting to that. You are:



Hey, why do I look so damn retarded?!?!1 What’s up with my eyes? At-yelling

sweet, i'm a swordDude you need to chill out. That’s what you look like…
…you’re just in SEED Mode…

And why and how did I come to go SEED Mode?! (I look retarded like that…) Angry

sweet, i'm a swordWell, if we’d ever actually been explained that in either of the Gundam SEED series, maybe I’d have an answer for you. But your retard of a creator, HeWhoShallNotBeNamed, never really got around to addressing how people go SEED, or who can go SEED, or why it gives you incredible power, or why it changes the person’s eyes, or what it even is or-

Is this another one of your rants about why Fukuda sucks c***? Surprised

sweet, i'm a sword… … Yes (and I said he shall not be named!)

Can we please get to the point of this thing? This is taking forever Judeau speaks wisely

Yeah, come on. I have places to go, people to kill, sand castles to build.Gaara loves sand, but hates the beach (just look, no tan!)

This is even more pathetic than Shinji Ikari without his Prozac… I love the cock. No, seriously, unzip those drawers

Look at me, I am wearing a monocle! Monocles make people look smart

Wtf?! Where’d all these people come from?! At-yelling

sweet, i'm a sword… looks like the rest of Ishida’s characters got tired of waiting for their turn to speak… Thank god I only bothered to DL pics of some of them… The guy has voiced well over 100 characters, no joke, and almost half of them have had important roles. He’s even done videogames and dubs for movies (they picked him to do Luke Skywalker, Luke friggin Skywalker!) That may give you a hint how big of a star this guy is.

Hey, I’m Luke Skywalker and I came to save you! Force is strong with this one

I am in such a silly mood todayKablooey

Thanks Gaara. That could have gotten annoying fast. Judeau speaks wisely

It’s what I do. Gaara loves sand, but hates the beach (just look, no tan!)

sweet, i'm a sword…. moving right along… Anyhow, Akira Ishida AKiraSEEDMode is a pretty big star, especially as of recently. As you already might have gathered he voiced Athrun Zala from the most recent Gundam series, SEED and SEED Destiny. Athrun had a big part in both series, and Ishida put in some really high quality work. A voice like that has to have a wide range, screaming, crying, serious, joking, and some of Ishida’s performances in SEED were among the best moments in the entire show. Won’t put in spoilers here, but Athrun had some very emotional scenes in SEED that were done excellently. In particular he does the ‘screaming madly while crying’ and the ‘depressed/indignant’ (both being very separate and different states) to the T.
Ishida also voices the widely popular (and totally bats*** insane) Gaara of the Desert from Naruto. Ishida’s work on Gaara is top-notch. Early on he has a very ’emotionless killer’ voice, but as the character grows Ishida subtly adds in other tones, but without making it seem like a total change in character or out of place. The creepy voice he uses for Gaara fits the character perfectly.

Speaking of creepy, today we have a special new addition for you all, an actual sound clip from one of his roles! Ishida has not only done recent popular roles. The clips we have for you are from his role as Kaworu from the much famed, loved, hated, (whatever you think of Eva you have to admit its impact on anime has been huge) Neon Genesis Evangelion.

Could you just let them listen to my beautiful voice already? I love the cock. No, seriously, unzip those drawers And why not give them a bigger picture of my oh-so-sexy self?

sweet, i'm a sword That’s Kaworu. He was actually a really interesting and nice-guy (very, very, very nice…) character in Eva, but several years of being worshiped by blood-drinking cults of yaoi fangirls has made him a little spoiled and conceited…

Why haven’t I gotten a speaking line in so long?!?!11 At-yellingI’m obviously the most important character here!

Sad how wealth and fame can ruin a person. (even fictional ones) Judeau speaks wisely

sweet, i'm a swordWell said Judeau. Almost makes me glad that your anime (Berserk) never got too much attention. Yours was a real good role for Ishida too, casual and friendly, but with some really powerful and well-delivered lines, especially in the last episode.

Why thank you masa! Judeau speaks wisely(and did you mention to tell them that the Berserk manga is the absolute most godly manga ever? Which the anime hardly does justice to…)

Justice! Hey that’s the name of my Gundam! At-yelling

sweet, i'm a swordHey Assrun, shouldn’t you be out somewhere whoring the Gundam name to sell more model kits of your crappy Gundam or something like that? (and yes Judeau, the Berserk manga is without a doubt the epitome of manga.)

What did u jut say about my Gundam!?!11 What the fuck is SEED mode exactly anyway?

Why do I feel like the focus isn’t where its supposed to be here? AKiraSEEDMode Romi Paku got a perfectly respectable article written on her… *sighs*

I believe you just made a grammar error. Monocles make people look smart It should be it’s, rather than its. I know because I wear a monocle and am smart and stuff. Oh, I’m Cho Hakkai from Gensomaiden Saiyuki: Journey to the West. I’m a rather calm and intellectual character that Ishida also voices, but masa never really liked the show so he’s-

Focusing on the characters that deserve the spotlight. Thank you, I am speaking again. I love the cock. No, seriously, unzip those drawers Yes, you’re welcome. Another pic of me? I love the cock. No, seriously, unzip those drawers Of course, you can never get too much Kaworu. Hey, isn’t there supposed to be a sound clip of me sometime soon?

He insulted my Gundam! What the fuck is SEED mode exactly anyway? What kind of anime fan r u anyhow? Don’t you know how r0xorz I am!!11

I. Want. To. Kill. Something… Gaara loves sand, but hates the beach (just look, no tan!)

Phew, finally made it! Sasuke from Samurai Deeper Kyo Hey all I’m Sasuke (no, not that one) from Samurai Deeper Kyo. Nice to-

Sasuke? Sasuke must die!SEEDModeGaara hates beaches even more

Another one bites the dust Kablooey

Regardless of your error in judgment, I’m glad he’s gone. I love the cock. No, seriously, unzip those drawers More spotlight for me.

Mecha bishounen are all the same. Nothing compared to monster anime bishXelloss from Slayers Next

And WHO the f*** are you? Angry

He’s Xelloss from Slayers Next (and some other Slayers series). chrono from Chrono Crusade I’m Chrono from Chrono Crusade. Ishida also voiced us. We heard there was going to be a feature on our VA and didn’t want all the spoiled mecha whiners to steal the spotlight. We came with Sasuke from SDK… Speaking of, where is Sasuke?

Talk bad about mecha again and you’ll be joining him! he's still upset about his Gundam getting dissed

Dude if I wanted s*** from you I’d squeeze your head. Xelloss from Slayers Next

ARR!! What the fuck is SEED mode exactly anyway? Why the fuck can't Kira do this? I hated this guy's show anyhow. Why the fuck can't Kira do this?And I never liked this character...

Dude you just totally stole my kill! SEEDModeGaara hates beaches even more

sweet, i'm a swordCan we just roll that sound clip already? This is getting out of hand. If you forgot, it’s a short clip from Kaworu in Evangelion. In English the line is “I think I was born to meet you.” (you have no idea how many different versions of the translation I found… that about sums it up though.) “Akira Ishida-Kaworu- sound byte’

Music to your ears isn’t it? I am surely Ishida’s defining role!I love the cock. No, seriously, unzip those drawers Don’t you have another of me?

sweet, i'm a swordActually yes, I do. This one is a clip of you and another character in Eva. The first, lower voice that speaks for most of it is Ishida’s Kaworu, and the higher-pitched responses (they’re one word repetitions of words Kaworu just said, asked in a question) are someone else.

kaworu sound byte

If you can’t tell why I’m being so cryptic it’s because while that sound byte doesn’t contain a ‘spoiler’ per se, it is an important dialogue part from late in the series. Those of you who want to know what it says can feel free to e-mail me or sign up on the forums and send me a Private Message there. Here’s a hint, it’s super creepy…

Creepy! How dare you call me creepy! I was just-Not such a bish now are ya!? Hey! What the F*** did you do to my beautiful face?! You didn’t even bother to match the eyes up properly! This is an outrage!

sweet, i'm a sword Kaworu I think you’re done here… (and I can give SEED eyes to whomever I please)

No! No no no no no! Not such a bish now are ya!?I will not accept this! I’m beautiful I don’t need to take this s*** from someone who’s probably a fat, pimply 30+ virgin living in his parents house! I’m a star! I-

sweet, i'm a sword Gaara, sic ’em.

Hey, no, wait! I’ll be good I- And another one down and another one down Oh, hey is that a new pic of me there? Lookin good Kaworu! Hey, wait a second my eyes are supposed to be red! Those are still those stupid SEE-


Sweet, sweet massacre…Gaara loves sand, but hates the beach (just look, no tan!)

(remind me not to piss that guy off, ever…) Judeau speaks wisely

That just goes to show… You need to buy my Gundam model kit! At-yelling

Oh no, not this again… I can’t imagine Amuro Ray being like this…Judeau speaks wisely

Can I kill him? Gaara loves sand, but hates the beach (just look, no tan!)

You want to try it buddy?!1 he's still upset about his Gundam getting dissed

sweet, i'm a sword I will have order! Do you know how much trouble I’m going to be in with the bandwidth I’m probably blowing on this thing?!

But he insulted my Gundam! Angry

And I want to use his bones for my sandcastle Gaara loves sand, but hates the beach (just look, no tan!) I’ve been looking for a femur about that size…

Can I get some lines here please? Monocles make people look smart … … … Alex Dino is such a gay name…

WHAT DID YOU JUST SAY?!What the fuck is SEED mode exactly anyway?


………… Judeau speaks wiselySurprisedMonocles make people look smart

(Kill me? Hah, I’d totally kick his ass!) Gaara loves sand, but hates the beach (just look, no tan!)

Fear me

Wait? You heard that?!Gaara loves sand, but hates the beach (just look, no tan!)

Fear meGaara look at me, I’m an ancient burning samurai sword, in SEED mode nonetheless. Yes I heard that. Goodbye.

But I make the rules here!Kablooey

sweet, i'm a swordNow we will continue this article in an orderly fashion! Next person to let out so much as a peep can kiss their ass goodbye!

Good! Now, as I was saying, Akira Ishida is also an interesting individual. Among his hobbies are-

ACHOO! Monocles make people look smart

Why the fuck can't Kira do this?Pow! Right in the monocle!Why the fuck can't Kira do this?Two for you, in the face that is

… … Was that second shot even necessary? Judeau speaks wisely

Alex Dino is a perfectly good alias. You hear me? No, no you don’t CUZ UR F*** DEAD! What the fuck is SEED mode exactly anyway? I F*** PWNED YOUR MONOCLE WEARING ASS!

… you don’t get laid enough do you? Judeau speaks wisely

sweet, i'm a swordGuys don’t push it. There’s a reason you’re both still alive and the others are dead…

So I can promote my Model Kits! At-yellingComing out next month is-

Fear meThis is what should happen to people who whore the Gundam name to make a quick $

The correct answer was: we’re still alive cuz you’re playing favorites?Judeau speaks wisely

sweet, i'm a swordBingo. Out of all those characters you (and then) Athrun are my favorites of the one Ishida’s voiced.

Damn it feels good to be number one! Judeau speaks wisely Hey, I think that third episode of Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya is finally done DLing. Wanna go watch it?

sweet, i'm a sword Yeah why not. This month’s article is all f**** up anyway…












akira normal… … are they gone? … … And no more SEED eyes! Phew… Well, for those of you who managed to stick around, here’s some actual info about me!

Like was said, I’ve voiced hundreds of characters. Anime, movies, video games, I’ve even sung in an OVA theme song and performed in a musical! Yeah, I’m sorta a big deal.

But at the same time I often try not to let my characters ‘steal’ the show. I just do the role the artist had in mind, even if that character has potential to dominate every scene. I’ve been told I compliment the other characters on screen very well while still doing the job with my character (Xellos, Hellsing Next- Hakkai, Saiyuki).

Another reoccurring trait in most of my characters is that I have them speak politely, even in tense/dramatic situations. This is actually sort of funny because it takes a ridiculously long time to say things formally in Japanese!
Funny enough, I’ve often been paired up with Hoshi Soichiro in numerous animes where he plays my friend/companion. Me and him have been (Me on the left/Soichiro on the right): Athrun/Kira, Gundam SEED. Hakkai/Goku, Saiyuki. Inumaru/Sano Seiichirou, Law of Ueki. Naoji/Camus, Meine Liebe. Kai/Ran, Sukisho. Dunno why we always get paired together like that… well guess it’s bound to happen when you’re in as many animes as I’ve been.

I’ve also been in: Blood+ (Joel), Cyborg 009 (Apollo), D.N.Angel (Satoshi Hiwatari), Gunparade March (Atsushi Hayami), Kiddy Grade (Un-oh), Mai-Hime (Nagi Homura), Mai-Otome (Nagi Artai), Sailor Moon SuperS (Fisheye), as well as many many more!
Oh, I also have a sound byte on my website! Masa has no idea what I’m saying in it though. http://www.mausu.net/talent/tpdb_view.cgi?UID=76 Click the button below my pic to listen!

Finally! If any of you are cute single women in the Japan area (preferably with blue eyes, my favorite color) we can go for a romantic dinner of curry rice and I can drive you around on my hot motorcycle. Oh and if you taste or smell like peaches that’s only an added bonus… (I loooove peaches! Millions of peaches, peaches for me, millions of peaches, peaches for free~~)
(props to Athrun0wnzall -dude i totally made fun of your favorite character though!- and sheva for their input)

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  1. wolfmier said,
    on May 7th, 2006 at 5:48 pm

    I can’t believe there are no comments yet! That was totally fun! And I even read it to the end too… lol. Anyway, good work. I’ve been enjoying your VA articles, but this one was by far the most entertaining. I may even go and check out the Beserk manga…
    Looking forward to next month’s! 😀

  2. Onna Ooji-sama said,
    on May 8th, 2006 at 12:23 am

    That was hilarious!!! I loved the ‘Gaara killing people and then getting killed’ thing. I lack knowledge on Gundam Seed ‘cause I didn’t have the special cable deal that included Cartoon Network by the time it was on. :???:I like Akira Ishida because he does good acting of course, but also because he has a very distinct voice. I am constantly playing a little game when I’m watching anime as to whether I can recognize the voices. Something that I think annoys the people in the anime club I’m in. I like reading your bits on VAs! Keep it up!:mrgreen:

  3. kAi said,
    on May 9th, 2006 at 8:32 am

    haha, this was good, I liked this.
    Very original.

  4. Strus said,
    on May 9th, 2006 at 3:11 pm

    great !!! but i want more Xellos !!! he’s one of my favourite anime characters !!! :mrgreen:

    Some day I’d like to see in GotVA Noriaki Sugiyama. He hasn’t got many anime characters on his account but he roxx in Naruto/Bleach/FSN 😆

  5. Sneak said,
    on May 11th, 2006 at 4:36 pm

    Haha, yes, this was really fun!
    Good work!

  6. Karasuhebi said,
    on May 11th, 2006 at 10:36 pm

    Heh, this was funny. Question, though: Where do you submit suggestions for a future GotVA article? Because I want to suggest you do Maaya Sakamoto next. She is a great VA, and also a great singer.


  7. Karasuhebi said,
    on May 11th, 2006 at 10:38 pm

    Great stuff for the article, if you are thinking about my Maaya Sakamoto suggestion:

    I didn’t know she was so big in the anime/video game scene!

  8. Bung said,
    on May 16th, 2006 at 12:08 am

    ahahahah BIG UPS to the one MASA and GOTW00T

  9. Blah said,
    on May 24th, 2006 at 1:36 pm

    o_O Hm.. what’s so funny about that? I thought it was ridiculous.. ehh.

  10. fangirl said,
    on May 25th, 2006 at 8:03 am

    hilarious article ;D
    I love Kaworu’s voice for a long long time, thank you Katana-san ^.^ Akira Ishida has such a great voice *fangirl’s mode on*
    I didnt know Athrun’s voice is the same, and OMG even Gaara! *squeel* ( .> is Kaworu talking about love ? >.>;; I tried to put down what he was talking about in romanji though I dont even understand what I write and guess it has no sense, can you send me your version? 😉

  11. fangirl said,
    on May 25th, 2006 at 8:05 am

    ehhh why my comment is eaten in half like this 😡

  12. fangirl said,
    on May 25th, 2006 at 8:06 am

    hilarious article ;D
    I love Kaworu’s voice for a long long time, thank you Katana-san ^.^ Akira Ishida has such a great voice *fangirl’s mode on*
    I didnt know Athrun’s voice is the same, and OMG even Gaara! *squeel* *doesnt watch much anime*
    I dont understand japanese so have no idea what the samples clips you attached is about, catched some “love” in the second clip, “koi” isnt it >.> is Kaworu talking about love ? >.>;; I tried to put down what he was talking about in romanji though I dont even understand what I write and guess it has no sense, can you send me your version? 😉

  13. Terra said,
    on May 27th, 2006 at 7:45 am

    Amusing! I loved the constant use of Gaara’s jutsu 😀

    Only bad part was killing Xellos, he is omfgloflslf awesomest guy evar!

  14. FDt said,
    on May 29th, 2006 at 5:48 am

    He insulted my Gundam! What kind of anime fan r u anyhow? Don’t you know how r0xorz I am!!11
    Mwahaha… Do that on Wing and I shall pwn u in Endless Duel!!!!1111!!1!1!


    conclusion: —–> LOL
    (Dis is HQ review!!!111)

  15. Anonymous said,
    on May 31st, 2006 at 1:44 am


  16. SU-GGEE said,
    on June 2nd, 2006 at 11:50 am

    Ahahahahaha, I still can’t stop laughing when I think even one of the comment’s…this totally cheered my evening up. :mrgreen:

    That was so funny…haHAHahaHAha. XD

    Hontooni arigatoo gozaimaas. ^_^

  17. SU-GGEE said,
    on June 2nd, 2006 at 11:51 am

    Oh yeah, forgot to add that ye shall be cursed with an in-cureable no-anime-diseace for killing my favourite, Chrono. 😈

  18. Aramis said,
    on June 8th, 2006 at 9:33 am

    Funny, but…
    too long!

  19. Non-idiot said,
    on June 16th, 2006 at 10:10 pm

    That was retarded. Terra’s old comic strips were better, and they sucked.

  20. Azure said,
    on June 18th, 2006 at 3:14 pm

    haha, i regret reading this NOW, y didn’t i c it before?!
    it was funny, and ishida is one of my fav. VAs along with hoshi souihchiro,!
    it was very entertaining, lol
    (poor hakkai… lol)

  21. masamuneehs said,
    on June 19th, 2006 at 5:34 am

    i’m glad (most of) you enjoyed this article. I had a fun time writing it, even if it took longer than expected with all the pics and whatnot…

    I’d been told that the previous VA articles were too cut and dry and was hoping this would be a slightly more amusing way of doing it.

    unfortunately (for all but the self proclaimed non-idiot), like i posted on the forums, i’ve been pretty busy recently and so May’s got lost in space and I’m going to have to crunch to get out anything decent by the end of June.

  22. SU-GGEE said,
    on July 16th, 2006 at 5:44 pm

    I really liked it and as you, see, I’m still checking back for som weird reason. 😮

    I’m hoping to see more something like this. ^^

    Good luck with everything.

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